Why Use Us?

Why Use Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty Commercial Division?

Serving Nevada County, Placer County and surrounding areas

Institutional Experience, Local Market Knowledge

Our local team has significant experience in institutional real estate investment banking and private equity, including the representation of some of the world’s most reputable and demanding private equity firms in acquisitions totaling more than $250M. This high level of customer service and attention to detail is reflected in our work for you.

Our marketing efforts mimic those of institutional brokerages by utilizing proprietary farming technologies to identify and market directly to likely buyers.

All members of our team have either grown up in Nevada County or have lived here for more than 20 years, providing a unique and intimate knowledge of the local commercial real estate market.

Marketing Matters

Experience of the highest standards in real estate investment banking and institutional brokerages leads to putting together coherent, attractive, and effective marketing packages (using professional photographers and graphic designers) which capture the maximum level of attention. Please see the attached examples of our marketing efforts.

Coldwell Banker’s Local and International Network

Coldwell Banker Grass Root Realty is the county’s largest real estate company with over 70 agents. Through this local network, our commercial division benefits directly from the sphere of influence of ALL of our agents, providing us with a referral network which is unparalleled in our community.

In addition, our size allows us to perform mass marketing. Our office publishes a Real Estate Buyer’s Guide highlighting listings in six local newspapers (including The Union and the Auburn Journal) which combined has a distribution of over 74,000.

Smart Farm Technology

We have diligently developed proprietary farming technologies that allow us to search within our databases of ALL commercial property owners in Nevada County filtering likely buyers based on asset class, type of business and location. We generate lists of likely buyers who are sent direct mailers with follow up e-mails and phone calls. We are the ONLY local firm utilizing such technology.

Detailed Financial Analysis

Using our in-depth understanding of real estate finance, we’ve developed proprietary financial models, including Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty Commercial Division Service Overview discounted cash-flow, development, joint venture, and fund models, providing us with the latitude and capability to value your assets in a much more detailed and accurate manner than our competitors.

While virtually all other local commercial real estate brokers/brokerages value assets based on their current income, we use a discounted cash flow model which models a property over the expected hold period. By using a discounted cash flow model, we are often able to capture additional value compared to our competitors. We capture what others do not:

    • Increases/decreases in occupancy
    • Increases/decreases in rent growth
    • Cap rate compression/expansion
    • Multiple debt scenarios and how they affect your leveraged returns

Additionally, our models help lenders make lending decisions by showing them key metrics such as debt service coverage ratios (DSCR) and debt yields, the two main financial components lenders look at when sizing up commercial loans.

These models allow us to educate buyers and other agents on the value-add opportunities of assets and get them to look beyond how a property is currently performing. We also can show buyers how their potential returns are attributed between cash flow, appreciation, and leverage. We also run sensitivity models to gauge risk levels based on multiple lease-up, rent growth, and debt scenarios—NONE of our competitors have this capability.

Local Development, Zoning and Planning Knowledge

We possess years of experience in working with local government and their staff. Knowing where to go, who to talk to, and how to negotiate to a successful conclusion can be an essential, yet underestimated component of a commercial real estate transaction. Our ability to navigate through and negotiate with local governmental agencies further defines our full service commercial real estate platform.

Ownership Experience

All members of our team have acted as principals in commercial real estate investments allowing us to understand landlords’ perspectives on lease-up, property management, and buy/sell decisions.

Identification and Mitigation

We strive to identify and disclose issues relating to the physical or financial condition of our listings up front so that all parties involved feel informed and there are no surprises during escrow, this results in a higher percentage of closed escrows and happier clients.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on responsiveness, honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and the utmost customer service. Work with us and experience the difference.

Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty Commercial Real Estate Services

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